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Source of all happiness

Jai Sri Krishna !!!

Jai Bedi Anjaneya !!

Jai VijayRaya !

Source of all happiness

How is spiritual knowledge linked to wordly happiness?

How does medidating on Krishna's feet help eleminate your promotion worries ?

How does thinking about Krishna's smile in your heart solve your wordly problems ?

and How can all problems no matter what their source, intensity or result be resolved by Sri Krishna's dhyana through Vayu?

Stotras primarily describe the physical appearances and feats of Krishna; how does describing their appearance solve our wordly problems?

This article attempts to expose the subtle link and establish the importance of gyana.

To understand the subtle connection between all these we need to lay foundation of some basic facts:

a. Shri Krishna's roopa is sadchidananda... body composed of complete and utter bliss and Gyana

b. Agyana is darkness, because it pulls you away from Krishna ( the ultimate source of light and Gyana )

Q. How does meditating on Sri Krishna's smiling face remove worry?

Ans. Sri Krishna's face is a source of constant joy and bliss. When a person contemplates on his worries, he thinks only about the object of his worry. Thinking about the object or source of worry produces more worry. When you replace the object/source of worry with sri Krishna's smile it is like removing the thorn which caused the worry and replacing it with a medicated pad. If you continue to think about the worry, it is like grinding the thorn deeper and deeper. Sri Krishna soothes the pain and heals the wound completely.

As Sri Krishna solves our worries one by one, we get more & more Bhakti because of receiving his constant causeless mercy. Bhakti in turn ignites the passion for gyana. During this time, depending on individual limits; the bliss experienced spurs vairagya( detachment from worldly pleasures).

This is because SuSuka, the bliss experienced at that stage can never be compared to anything in the mortal world ( because of constant contemplation of Sri Krishna's roopa )

It is like double phd doctrate trying to intellectually enjoy nursery rhymes !!! The two just can't be compared.

Meditating on Sri Krishna's bodily features is equivalent and the final destination of shastras*

* Purush Sukta expanded into the vedas, purusha sukta describes the creation process from Virata Purusha roopa of Shri Krishna

When we forget about Sri Krishna ( become distant to Sri Krishna and Vayu), we become easy prey to kali( duryodhana) forces. The basic nature of kali forces is to give misery and sorrow. The shashtras ( Bhagvata Purana in particular ) describe Sri Krishna's mahima in great detail.

By learning and contemplating more and more on Sri Krishna we get closer to him, the closer we get the less we fall under kali's influence. Hence the less unhappiness we experience.

Lakshmi Devi, Brahma ( & Saraswati devi ) and Vayu ( & Bharati devi) form part of the para shukla trayaru ( ultra pure trio ). They are above kali's influence. Hence praying to/thru them will ensure a secure connection to Sri Krishna that cannot be hacked by kali's hordes.

This subtle symposium of gyan, happiness and Sri Krishna's bodily features can only be explained the above way. There is no other explaination that can explain why a stotra describing Sri Krishna's limbs can cure incurable diseases and unlimited miracles.

This is simple and concrete proof that Sri Krishna is absolutely the source of all truth, bliss and happiness. It also proves beyond proof that we are insignificant like a speck of dust in the vast galaxy.

Equating oneself to god just by twisting the scriptures seems like a joke. Panchabeda, Taratamya, Dualism and Tatvavada gyan further purify the mind and the mind cannot come under the sway of kali's forces. Once this stage is reached, all types of sukha and extreme bliss is obtained.

In a nutshell, thinking about Sri Krishna constantly gives complete joy and not thinking about Sri Krishna helps kali's hordes and thereby starts creating worries.

In all of the Hari dasa kirtis irrespective of the deity they ask for Gyana, Bhakti and Vairagya in Sri Krishna. Thus though asking for gyana, bhakti & vairagya superficially seems unrelated to whatever problems and worries one has; it really is the root of all solutions to all troubles.

Validation through Vijaydasaru sholka,

Agnyanam Timmirachadam ,Buddhi Sampat Pradayakam

Vignyanam vimalam shantam, Vijayakyam Gurum bhaje !

Three Levels for the shloka

Level 1 Enumeration:

It lists out the benefits, Agnyana naasha, Buddhi pradyakam, Sampat Pradayakam, Vigna Shanta all through worshipping Vijayadasaru Gurugalu.

Level 2 Order:

If we examine the order

first is agynana cheda ( gyan pradayaka )

Second is buddhi pradayaka ( by getting Gyana, Buddhi increases )

Third is Sampat Pradayaka ( Gyana and Buddhi gives rise to Sampat )

Fourth is with Vigna Shanti ( with Gyan, Buddhi and Sampat all Vigna’s can be overcome)

All this is possible through worshipping Vijaydasaru gurugalu

Level 3 Abhimaan devatas:

Considering the abhimaana devatas for each

Gyana – Hanuman

Buddhi – Rudra

Sampat – Lakshmi

Vigna – Ganesha

Vijaya – Shri Hari

When Hanuman gives gyana, Rudra devaru regulates buddhi in Hari Bhakti, which makes Sri Lakshmi to come, once Sri Lakshmi comes no obstacles can remain, Ganesha will remove all obstacles and the eternal Vijaya adi guru is worshipped.

Jai Bharateesha,


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