Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hari Sarvothamma ! Vayu Jivothamma !

Jai Vijayaraya!

Jai Bedi Anjaneya!

Hari Sarvothamma ! Vayu Jivothamma !

Spirituality is all around you ! You just have to recognize it !

This article attempts to bring to the readers notice some of the spiritual facts embedded all around us.

Hari Sarvothhama and Vayu Jivothamma is always propogated. The method of propogation changes according to kala.

In Kruta Yuga/Satya Yuga it was well known. In Treta Yuga, Sri Rama and Hanuman appeared to propogate "Hari Sarvothhama and Vayu Jivothamma".

In Dwapar, Sri Krishna and Bheemsen Devaru. In Kali Yugam, Sri Veda Vyasa and Sri Madhvacharya.

Since this is kali Yuga, it has to be continuously told and continuously simplifed so that the next generation can understand this.

Sri Veda Vyasa classified the Vedas into four and gave us Shastras.

Sri Madhvacharya wrote commentaries and gave us Bhasya for Shastras.

Sri Teekacharya wrote critical commentaries or Tikas for us to understand the Bhasyas

Sri Vysarajaru wrote Tippanis which clarified the Tikas.

Dasa Padatti

To spread tattvada among people who can't understand Sanskrit.

Hari Dasas started propogating Tattvavada in the regional language Kannada, in the form of Keertana's, Suladhi's, Ugabhogas, Mundige's etc

So to establish a pattern, Sri Hari has ensured that in every yuga people do not forget him and we can learn more about him to the best of our capacity.

Hence he is rightly called Karuna Sagara.It is upto us to take earnest interest in doing this.

Like I said, Sri Hari always ensures that the concepts are propogated. Let's take some examples

Example#1) Hari Sarvothamma

The first time I heard this popular song. I had a feeling of Deja Vu, for some reason the lyrics felt familiar.

Give me some sunshine !!! Give me some rain !

Give me another chance to grow up once again

Observe it closely

Give me some Sunshine ( Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi )

Give me another chance to grow up once again ( Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodeyat )

People initiated into the Gayatri Mantra Upasana are called Dwijana ( born again )

The "Give me some rain" part, brings in the water element to balance out the heat.

The song goes on

"Saari umar hum mar mar ke jee rahe, ek pal to hume jeene do jeene do,

Bachpan to gaya, jawani bhi gayi , ek pal to hume jeene do, jeene do"

If you have done Gayatri Mantra upasana with your heart, the above lines show fairly accurately the emotion with which you ask The Lord.

So to translate it the song:

O Lord, please shower me with Sunshine ( Light & Warmth ) , Rain ( Water& Harvest)

Please shower your grace so that I can be free from all suffering ( feeling of being born again)

I have wasted my entire childhood and youth. Please ensure I don't waste any more time and shower your grace on me immidiately.

Note: I'm not saying the Song is the same as the Gayatri Mantra, what I'm saying is the emotion of the mantra is explained in simple words.

The explaination is something, we can understand and connect to easily.

Example#2) Hari Sarvothamma

There is a movie "Kambakt Ishq", horrible movie. There is a interesting incident, the heroine forgets her watch in the hero's stomach

The watch chimes an alarm every hour that goes like this

"Mangalam Bhagavan Vishnu, Managalam Garud Dhwaja, Managalam Pundarikaksha, Mangalaya Tanoh Harih"

There is a little bit of comedy after that when the alarm rings no matter whether he is peeing, sleeping, eating or anything and he can't do anything to stop that.

Suddenly it hit me, this is mentioned in the scriptures, there is a way to remember Sri Hari no matter what you are doing. We just have to bring it to anusandhana.

Also, the mantra was coming from his stomach area, which is where the Antahkarana is, so we should call to him from the Anathkarana.

Example#3) Vayu Jivothamma

If you have ever browsed over "Pogo", you'll know about "Chotta Bheem"; where kids are shown that Bheem always comes to the rescue of Dholakpur.

No matter what the problem, "Bheem" is the only one who has the solution always. Vayu Jivothamma is out and out the theme of this cartoon.

"Chota Bheem" also tackles international foes. This cartoon is my absolute favourite :)))

Some movies are filled with positivity and good energy, Saatvik movies. "Time Pass" movies are rajasik and some are just filled with bad energy "Tamasic" movies

Like I said Sri Hari is Karuna Sagar, he simplifies hard concepts for us.

Compare reading text of palm leaves to humming a song you've heard in the TV.

From our side, I personally feel the effort should be; once we have understood basics we need to go higher and higher, closer to understanding the Vedas in their mula roopas.

Even if you have understood a concept in local language, you need to provide exact definition in the exam to get marks.

So does'nt matter what method you have used to understand as long as you understand. Once understood you need to revert back to moola.

Jai Bharateesha,

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