Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dhyana Snana

Jai VijayRaya!
Jai Anjaneya !
Jai Sri Ram !!!

Any mistakes are solely mine.

Dhyana Snana

1. After remembering Trivikrama, the Dhyana Snana vidhi mentioned which destroy all sins and give proper and full results to all good deeds done

2. Mantra Murthy Shri Hari is invoked, Vasudeva roopi Paramatma is to be concentrated on, having four arms, shining more than infinite suns.

3. Shri Hari is holding Shanka, Chakra, Gada, Padma in his four hands; wearing a splendid yellow clothes; colour of dark clouds, peaceful heart, smiling and bringing good fortune always.

4. His wearing many precious jewels, his earings are studded with many precious stones in the shape of sea animal makara; he is wearing a beautiful fragrant garland upto his knees, he is being worshipped by Narada and other devotees.
* Meaning of Narada
Naram means Gynanam - Naram dadti iti Narada - bestower of knowledge to others is called Narada. Chaturmukha Brahma first gave knowledge to the world. Hence Narada here means ChaturMukha Brahma

5. He is wearing splendid glittering golden wrist ornaments, that create a jingling sound; he is wearing beautiful shoulder ornaments; he is the creator, protector, etc of the world; he is wearing a splendind glittering golden crown

6. His feet have the markings of flag, vajra, ankusha (elephant goad) and padma. His feet are complete and pure and sacred. By the touch of his lotus feet, the divine river Ganga has started from outside the Brahmanda by the hole created and she falls on her feet, hence she is called Vishnu Pada Udaka

7. That sacred water after touching the lotus feet of Shri Hari, is sprinkled by her to wash off all the impurities in the mind, body etc. That instant, the feeling will be like taking bath in the divine Virija river.

8. To clean from inside out i.e. both inside and outside, such a bath should be contemplated in the mind. Such a bath is very sacred and hundred times purer than a mere mechanical bath

9. In the Ida naadi Bhagirathi, Ganga should be remembered. In the Pingala naadi, Yamuna is to be remembered. In the Sushumna Naadi, Saraswathi River is to be remembered.
* Ida Naadi ends in right nostril, Pingala in left nostril, Sushumna (central) is the spinal cord.

10. In the stream/water of dhyana and depth of knowledge; all doshas are erased. All who do such dhyana snana, they reach ultimate destination. Such a person, will not suffer any defect due to association and environments.

11. This dhyana snana done properly, is better than taking bath in all the 3 crore tirthas.

12. Whoever does snana like this daily and remembers Narayana always, who chants this shloka in the morning with devotion. Such a person will not face untimely death and can cross over the clutches of Yama. Let there be no doubt about this.

13. Whether a person is impure or pure; in all stages, he should remember Narayana who has eyes like beautiful lotuses. By such dhyana, snana should be performed.

Thus Dhyana Snana described in Vamana Purana as seen by Adavi Sri VishnuTirtha

Jai Bedi Anjaneya antargata Sri Krishnarpanamastu !


  1. Wow.. Impressing and very useful info.. Thank you so much..

  2. Naham Karta, Hari Karta !

    Thank Sri Veda Vyasa and all the Madhwa Parampare that have made it so easy for us.

    People generally feel that shastras is not practical and dismiss them before even exploring. This post was specifically to show that Shastras is practical, plausible and has stood the test of time. :)

    Doing Dhyana during bath; is entirely in your hands no matter what the circumstance of taking bath is; whether you take bath in river, sea, lake, well,waterfall, house, flat,hill station, bucket, running water, shower, geyser, tub, hot, cold, medium, with soap, without soap, head bath, non head bath, with shampoo, without shampoo.

    Whatever the circumstance; doing this Dhyana snana is possible!!! Taking bath is a process of cleansing. Sri Hari Dhyana is the ultimate cleanser of all sins. It is the minimum few minutes you can expect to be alone and it is the start of your day. Why waste these few precious minutes ? Take charge of your mind, practice Sri Hari dhyana as listed above during Snana and see the wonders it brings to your life.

    Jai Bharateesha,

  3. Hello Hrishikesh, you mention to a shloka in the post

    "12. Whoever does snana like this daily and remembers Narayana always, who chants this shloka in the morning"

    but i dont see any shloka. is the samskrutha version missing ?

  4. Namaste graghave,

    It means this stotra; the whole (13 lines).

    The sanskrit is "Yah patet pratharuthhaya ..."

    Jai Bharateesha,

  5. The sanskrit shloka is as follows:-
    Ida bhagirathi ganga pingala yamuna nadi
    tayormadhyagata nadi sushumnakhya saraswati
    triveni sangamo yatra teertharaj sa uchyate
    tatra snanam prakurvartim sarva papaih pramuchyate.