Friday, October 29, 2010

Five Elements

The 5 elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether

The base 3 chakras represent earth water and fire.

Let's take an example of plants, it has roots. The roots "ground" the plant, provide support and nutrition. It absorbs its nutrients and water, through the earth elements. Here earth represents the grounding and nutritional aspect.

The nutrition absorbed by the earth element is then absorbed and distributed throughout the plant body by the water element i.e. the capillary system. Water here represents the flow of nutrition and the system of dissemination.

Fire, is the symbol of transformation. The fire element here represents the conversion of the nutrition into fruits, flowers, leaves, thorns, roots etc.

Fire in humans, is the energy that generates blood and flesh and strengthens the body based on the food we eat.

In humans earth represents grounding.

Good Grounding -> Down to earth, at ease at any part of the world, wants to draw energy from the universe, not dependent on others,
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provides help to others

Bad Grounding -> head in 9th cloud :) , tries to hang onto others, draws energy from others


Good Water Element -> Free flowing ideas, moves on quickly, channalizes energy and organized

Bad Water Element -> Could mean too much earth element, doesn't move on quickly Or

Could mean too much fire element, burns up energy before has chance to use it


Good Fire Element ->

1) Extrovert, loud mouthed, wants ppl to notice them, talks a lot, universe rotates around them attitude, always creates a disturbance in surroundings, revengful.
2) Introvert, results producing, strong personality, wants to go in one direction, even if the universe wants to go the other way.

Bad Fire Element -> Indigestion, meek, easily swayed, will give a lot of importance to ppl with good fire element.

All these elements should be in balance. Too much earth in water creates potholes, too much water on earth makes it swampy, too much fire in water will evaporate it, too much fire on earth dry up the earth, too much water will put out fire, too much earth and the fire cannot burn properly.

Each element should be developed and not interfere with the working of the other elements and work in symposium.

If the fire element is too strong and earth and water elements are not fully developed. People will tend to keep their fires burning by taking from other peoples fires i.e. they cannot take nutrition from earth and assimilate it. Ex. Robbers

To be continued ....

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