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Climbing Tirumala hills

Sri BhooVaraha Swamy

Jai Bedi Anjaneya !!!

The whole parvata of Tirumala Kshetra is extremely divine, hence called Bhu Vaikunta !!!

History of Climbing Tirumala

Climbing the steps of Tirumala is a big utsava for Madhwas called Mettlotsava (Mettlu - steps, utsava - festival/celebration). Even today every, TTD Dasa Sahitya Project conducts a Mettlotsava, where a lot of bhajana mandlis participate and climb the steps while singing Dasara Padagalu.

Sri Vijaydasaru used to perform Saligrama abhisheka for every 100 steps.

Sri Vadirajaru, saw the whole mountain as a saligrama and climbed the entire hills on his knees!!!!

Some saints used to come down the hills just to answer nature calls. Such is the piousness of these hills

Why to Climb Tirumala

Srinivasa Kalyana first chapter talks about Madhava Brahmana, who left his wife, aging parents, stayed with a chandala, consumed beef/alcohol all of his sins were wiped out by merely climbing the hills.

My personal experience is that some of most satisfying darshanas have been when I have climbed the hills.


By the grace of Sri Hari Vayu, I've been able to climb to Tirumala around 7-8 times.
I've decided to take you through the journey of climbing the hills. I've climbed with a lot different age groups, so I'll write this from the point of view that the climber is a reasonably weak (no offense to the reader) so it becomes a little more easy to relate. I did not take any pics while climbing, so I've had to rely on google for the pics. Thanks to everybody for their pics.


Some pretty basic rules
a) Absolutely No footwear while climbing
b) Travel Light ( Almost all supplies can be bought on the way )
c) Have a bottle of water handy
d) Some glucose for instant energy (Please check if you are diabetic)
e) Try to carry a backpack, to keep your hands free; but don't stuff it
f) Some stotra sheets (Venkatesha Stotra)/ Dasara Songs
g) Since the hills are sacred, people suggest to climb only after taking bath.
h) Keep lots of change (only means no 500's/1000's or even 100's). The vendors don't carry a lot of change, so you will need 10's/20's and 50's.

So let's begin our journey



Don't forget to say Govinda, if you haven't scroll back up 2 lines and fill the air with "Govinda"
The reason is simple, unless you are a youth who has had lots of trekking experience blah blah blah.... You cannot climb, only Sri Ventakesha has to make you climb. When you finish the climb, you are going to realize, how true is "Naham Karta, Hari Karta"

Starting Point

This is the strating point; Alipri checkpost;

The entrace to the footsteps

Once you enter, here there is a luggage counter; where you can deposit your heavy luggage and collect it in Tirumala. There is a check point with a metal detector; beyond which is the chappli devasthana. (shoe temple)

Once there was a devotee who was cobbler, who wanted to make slippers for Venkatesha, but since he did'nt know the size, he made slippers of various sizes and took them to Sri Venkatesha. Since he was carrying so many slippers; he was not allowed to climb the hills. Sri Venkateshwara then appeared before him and blessed him saying that all devotees should now place the slippers he made on their head to be able to climb the hills.

Route Map

Before the actual climb, the number of steps is 3650; covering 9 miles. 2 km of which is a plain road.

This how the intial steps look like, groups of 10's and 5's a flat area and then another group.
There will shelter almost throughout (regular gaps but almost continuous ) , so you can climb in the day and in the rain. There are ledges so you can relax while climbing. Tubelights are fitted throughout. The pillars have the names of Sri Venkateshwara as per Sri Vishnu SahasraNama. Some womenfolk apply kumkum and arshana ( vermilion and turmeric ) to each step as they climb. Some even light camphor on the way up. Usually work in groups, one applies turmeric, the second kumkum, the third places the camphor, the fourth supplies the burning camphor tablets, the fifth and sixth keep up with the kumkum/turmeric/water supplies.

If you are a first time climber; remember to pace yourself; it's all about the finish. Don't run too fast or go too slow. The only pace that is good, is your own pace. Don't rush to keep up or don't slow down too much to let others catch up. Your first target is "Gali Gopura".

This is how it looks at day

This is how it looks in the night

Remember pace yourself, don't talk too much, you'll run out breath very fast. Don't keep looking up; thinking I have so much to climb. Keep looking down to see how much you have covered. Sip your water, don't gulp; drink small quantities just to keep your mouth moist. Too much water will bloat your stomach and affect your climb.

On the spiritual level; remember your favourite stotra/bhajane/mantra/discourse and keep repeating them in your mind. Try to keep casual talk to a minimum and please no gossip.

Depending on your stamina,  you'll run out of steam eventually. Gali Gopuram still looks miles and miles away; yet it's only the first target. At this point, you have to manage your energy more efficiently. A useful technique for me is, keeping small targets; I aim for 30/40 steps. Climb those steps and then rest for a few moments and then resume again. If I'm getting tired quickly; reduce the target to 20/30 steps. Climb again and rest. Take drinks of water every 2nd/3rd time you rest. As you climb more and more, you're brain doesn't have capacity for any strategy.  You can now put a little glucose in your water; sip a little and climb a little. Sometimes Goli Soda by local vendors also helps; alkaline to reduce stomach acids. Keep climbing; remember progress is crucial. Depending on your physical condition it will strech to your physical limits. Keep climbing; still Gali Gopura seems so far. Now you just want to rest ...

Sometimes take more rest and sometimes take less rest, but keep climbing. One attitude I find helpful is when you sit down to rest, sit down with the thought that you have to get up soon. Don't sit down with the thought that you can't get up; makes a big difference.

Now seems like Gali Gopura is near, but still only steps are seen ahead, now all strategies have run out. No physical strength left, steps are endless; can't go up; can't go down. Now lift your hands above your head and remember Sri Venkateshwara with full concentration, " Swami Venkateshwara !!! Naham Karta, Hari Karta!!! You only have to help me climb these hills, You only have to save me, Who else in this entire universe can save me ! PRABHU!!!"

Chant Govinda, fill the air with your chant


Start climbing again, slowly strength returns, you can just about climb now. Suddenly now, you can appreciate the scenery around; you can feel the divinity around.

Vendors start appearing now every 100 steps, all keep saying Gali Gopura is close by. Fellow climbers are frustrated "O! man why did Sri Venkateshwara, go and sit on top of the hill ? Ohhh" 

Gali Gopura is just around the corner now, keep climbing. The step turns a bit,  the last part is a bit curvy; Gali Gopura is finally within grasp and soon enough Gali Gopura is reached.

SUCCESS !!!!! 1st target is reached. 2083 steps successfully climbed out of 3550
Gali Gopura is very sacred, there is a Dasara Pada on Sri Hanuman standing in front of Gali Gopura.

On the other side of Gali Gopura, refreshment stalls and behold it's flat  !!! No steps !!!! Yippeee !!!!
Remember the rules f) Carry change : ) This is where it will come into play.

Relax for a bit here, don't get too comfortable, remember this is the first target.

Recently there is a ticket counter here which provides darshan tickets for devotees who climb. Please see second part at the bottom for more details on this.

Refreshed and ready; let's go !!!
Next Target " Sri Prasanna Anjaneya "
The steps now are much larger, so the climb is a gentle slope; so you can catch up some time. The steps are flat almost like walking on the ground, but endless; keep walking .

 Soon enough you see signs that tell you are moving from mountain to another. A little more further; you should be able to hear vehicular traffic; which means that you are going parallel to the road. Keep walking, although a gentle slope it's very long, street vendors selling spicy raw mango. Keep walking and walking.

You will find deer parks to your left.

You can spend some time here; vendors will sell vegetables that can be fed to the deers. Kids will love this.
Keep moving, keep moving

After some time, the slope goes down; pick up your pace if you can. You can cover a lot of ground over here. The steps gradually start going up again, you should notice the steps are getting smaller. You should be able to hear traffic sounds for a long time.

Shortly you can see the 30 feet Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Statue. This is the seventh mile of the nine mile journey. SundarKanda is 7th adhyaya of MBTN and Sri Prasanna Anjaneya is huge form !!!


There are local hotels and vendors here, remember to refresh your water supply.

Refreshed and ready to go !!! Start again !!!

Next Target Sri Lakshmi Narasimha temple.

The steps now descend and finally you see a Yoga Narasimha Temple and a Sri Lakshmi Narasimha temple a bit ahead. Sing some Dasara Padas about Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, Narasimha Suladhi etc

Now you can see the road, the next 2 kms is a strech of road; please walk on the footpath as incoming traffic is always risky. The views are picturisque; you can see lush green everywhere; you can see windmills.

Also be aware of the monkeys. If you are travelling in the rainy season/ or if it has rained recently in Tirumala, you should be able to see natural fountains, where water is gushing down from the mountain. After a pleasant  2 km walk, you reach a huge Gopuram.

Now the number of steps to climb is less than 1000; the climb is steep and for first timers it comes as a complete shock !!!

Start climbing, each step seems steep. Take rest , you will feel like taking rest after every 5/10 steps. No worries, rest a little; climb again; keep moving !

Keep Chanting Govinda ! the more you can't climb; the more you should chant. Complete Surrender; all your energy is zapped; it's solely on Lord Venkateshwara's strength that you can climb now. Keep climbing!!!

Naham Karta Hari Karta !!!

Govinda Govinda Govinda !!!!

Keep Climbing !!!

The steps starts turning, some people put a lot of weight on the divider poles in the middle and pull themselves up. This tires your arms faster, but do it if you have to ... Steps seem endless and endless
They keep coming, keep small targets, keep large targets, keep moving, keep resting and keep moving

Finally the end is in sight

A few more steps and you are in the Narayanavanam, keep following the footpath; until to enter the dwara with Jaya-Vijaya and you have done it !!!! solely by his grace !!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I have assumed an inexperienced person climbing for the first time.

Venkatadri Samam Sthanam Brahmandam Nasti Kinchana !!!
Venkatesha Samo Devo Na Bhooto Na Bhavishyati !!!!!
If you are young and can climb quickly then keep around 3-3.5 hours for first time. Anything less than that is a very good time. If you're not so experienced at climbing/trekking/outdoor activity 4.5 hours is a reasonably respectable time. If you're traveling in a group which has older folks then 6-7.5 hours. 

 Bharati Ramana Mukhya Prana antargata Sri Krishnarpanamastu !!!!

Jai Bharateesha,

Many thanks to Subhorup Dasgupta for his generous words. Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes; his account can be read at

Another detailed account by Mohan at

Second account with more details at


  1. Thanks for this post Hrishikesh. This reminds me of my trips through bus/walk every year with family & friends. Now am in US, with just God in my mind and heart. I deeply miss all the punya kshetras & family in India and am looking for all possible ways to come back to India and it's not happening at the moment. Perhaps time will solve my problem. Gurubhyo Namaha.

  2. Naham Karta, Hari Karta !!!

    It was my intent to get people to relive their first time experiences of climbing the hills and for first timers to be aware of the process/stages while climbing.

    Thanks a lot for your kind words !!!

    Jai Bharateesha,

  3. how many steps does mokala padham have?

  4. Hare Srinivasa !

    From Step No.2910 to Step No.3550 around 650 steps.

    I always assumed it was around 1000 steps. Please click the route map, it gives all the details.

    Hope this helps.

    Jai Bharateesha,

  5. Hello Mr. Srivatsa ;Can you please tell us approximately how steep are the steps initially and at the end?
    Is it about 6-8 inches high initially and then the Muzhangal Mudichu about 9 inches high? we are training hard to climb and can set the stepper to correspond with the height of the steps. thanks.
    Your article is very good and informative

  6. Hare Srinivasa,

    @Srinivasans, Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragment.

    The last strech is as expected a bit higher than the earlier ones; the main difference is that they are continuous and there is not plateau after every 5-6 steps.

    I'm glad to know your preparations, I'd like to remind you to be completely aware throughout the climb that it is a spiritual process. Climbing the Tirumala Hills purges all sins; so the reaction is very individualistic. Some people have miraculous experiences while climbing the hills.

    Please let me know if you need any other information and do let me know how it goes. My best wishes to you and your family for the climb.

    Jai Bharateesha,

  7. Thank you very much for this post.

  8. Hare Srinivasa,

    Thank you for the encouragement and kind words.

    Jai Bharateesha,

  9. Hi Hrishikesh,

    This is awesome.. I almost climbed the steps sitting in front of my computer, the whole narration is wonderful. thank you so much


  10. Hare Srinivasa !!!

    Naham Karta !!! Hari Karta !!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it !

    Jai Bharateesha !!!

  11. Thanks for this wonderful post...i could feel and imagine the climb as i was reading it.
    We are planning to go to Tirumala January 2012, My husband is planning to go by foot and i was hesitant about it as we have never done this before. But now after seeing the pictures and reading your blog, i think i will also join him.


  12. Hare Srinivasa !!!

    Awsome !!! Rocking stuff Bhagya :)

    Best of Luck !!!

    Naham Karta ! Hari Karta !!!

    Jai Bharateesha !!!

  13. Hrishikesh,

    An excellent post! Although I had an opportunity to climb the hills purely by the grace of HIM, your post was giving an experience that I had again climbed today in a manasik manner.

    One suggestion that I would like to add is that one can go diagonally on the steps when they are climbing up - In one diagonal line from left to right, one can climb 3 or 4 steps depending on the width of the stairs at that specific point. This has the benefit of lesser tiredness and pain on the thigh/calf muscles later.

    Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamastu


  14. Hare Srinivasa !!!

    @Vasan; thank you for your kind words; Naham Karta Hari Karta !!!

    I've heard of this suggestion. I remember trying it; but I don't think I saw any marked difference; also the higher you go, tiredness will make it dizzy for you to look down; always better to sit down and look down the stairs.

    Readers with other experiences are welcome to disagree. This technique worked well in Ghatikachala where the steps are around 1000+ and 700+.

    All Readers are welcome to give suggestions to improve/correct this article.

    Jai Bharateesha !!!

  15. Hare ShrinivAsa!!

    I would like to share my experience with you. Recently I had an opportunity to visit Tirumala with my friends. I had visited Bhu VaikunTha many times (30-35). But this time I thought of making this visit special by climbing hill nirAhAra(without eating anything).

    ||Naham karta Hari karta||

    Took bath in Kapila teerTha, after sanDhyavandane went to alipiri. Started climbing at 10. I was sure that I could reach the last gOpuram with ease and I did it while taking rest for each half an hour. I was shocked when I started climbing the last 700 steep steps. Each time I chanted Govinda, I got more energy and I rested only twice before reaching Tirumala at 1.45. I was surprised and said to myself "Naham Karta Hari Karta".

    Took my luggage from the Free Luggage center and went to Mutt. Then I thought of taking darShana without having food. Got into queue at 3.30 PM and due to some VVIP visits, we were stuck for 2 hours. I had so much energy in me that I could chant "Govinda" so loud that hundreds of people echoed me. If you're not in Tirumala, it is impossible to get that much energy(when you have not taken any food for more than 20 hours). Finally at 8.30 PM when I was in front of Lord Venkateshwara I got tears. And I felt I was the most satisfied Person.

    I read all your posts. You are doing an excellent job by explaining dwaita concepts and the rituals which are mandatory for all madhvas. Thank you for spreading awareness.

    I request you to post an article on ekAdaShi, its importance and some clarity on how to do it. Many people(Madhwas) are shocked when I say that I am fasting. Please let me know how to motivate/ convince them.

    Shree GuruBhyo namaha.
    Abhay, Bangalore

  16. Hare Srinivasa !!!

    @Abhay sir; you are an outstanding devotee sir !!! Most people consider themselves lucky if they get break darshan or VVIP darshan; but you have shown so much enthusiasm on the other side of the darshan and considered as an oppurtunity for Sri Hari nama sankeertana !!! It's truly fabulous !!! I am humbled and feel privliged that you shared your experience here.

    Tirumala is very close to my heart; I shall narrate more details as time comes.

    I shall post material on Ekadashi to the best of my knowledge.

    Thank you for your kind comments and encouragment.

    Jai Bharateesha !!!

  17. really fantastic and informative

  18. really fantastic and informative

  19. Hare Srinivasa !!!

    Thank you @skcark, it's the Lord who is truly fantastic everything is truly because of his infinite mercy.

    Jai Bharateesha,

  20. om namo venkatesa
    several times i had gone through you blog 'to feel having walked the foot path'. i long to reach tirumala only by using footpath without the use of bus/car. om namo venkatesa.

    1. Hare Srinivasa !!!

      I am truly honoured that the Lord has chosen me to deliver the above experience to you sir !!!

      If reading is so delightful then imagine how it is to climb.

      It's been a long time since I myself climbed; I'm planning to climb soon.

      BTW walking to any temple is the simplest seva one can perform. Just observe people who walk to temples regularly; even if they are in any trouble they will somehow come out of it.

      Jai Bharateesha,

  21. I have recently climbed Tirumala hills and taken lots of photos ...

    Climbing Tirumala Hills - Dwiteeya post will be soon out !!!

  22. Climbing Tirumala Hills - Dwiteeya post out now !!!

  23. hi sir... I heard that for the hill climbing devotees there will be direct entry in to the darshan in a special queue without any pre booked tickets... Is it right then approximately how much it will take in this darshan queue? please assist me sir....

    1. Samanth,

      I've updated the details in this post; please go through it.

  24. thank you very much for your valuable venkateshaya namaha

  25. Loved this post. Thank you for all the minute details. I would like to bring my boys and walk up the steps to see Sri. Venkateshwara. May he make it happen for me.

  26. Dear Sir/Madam,

    gives a more detailed account with pictures. Please see that as well

  27. hello hrisikesh ! thank you for the wonderful post.
    by the grace of lord i made it two times.once from alipiri and second time from sreevari mettu route.
    your blog made me to make a third one mentally.

  28. Hare Shreenivasa,

    Thank you for such a wonderful post.I am yet to be graced by him to do the climb. Your post made me realize that this climb is divine. Thank you for making me have my first climb mentally. I am sure he will bless me to do one in person.


  29. Nice article... I am planning to visit Tirumala next week by walk.. Eagerly waiting for the moments to get glimpse of venkateswara.....

  30. Hi really nice post !! I am going by foot tmrw and i am really excited !! Govinda goovinda !!!


    1. Hare Srinivasa,

      Prateeksha avre; hope you enjoyed your climb. Please do write about your experience.

      Jai Bharateesha !!!

  31. Sir, I came across your blog purely by chance and I am grateful. I am Sethuraman 61 from Tamil Nadu and settled in Bangalore. Lord Srinivasa is my Family God also and my vow to go to Tirumala by foot had been getting postponed for some reason or other, even though I had gone by bus to Tirumala by bus and worshipped quite a few times. After reirement I started by foot from Alipiri with my second sin, a friend of 40 Years with his wife in Feb2012 around 1500 Hrs. Had I read your blog before I certainly could have stopped and relished. But then that was not to be. Because I am diabetic and obese with weak legs I was the odd man out taking longer time to cover the distance and resting frequently . on the other hand my friend who is only a few months younger to me and his wife both being avid trekkers delayed their speed only on my account. It was no surprise that my son being 23 had no qualms at all. To cut a long story short, I reached around 2030 Hrs. Enroute authorities issue us biometric token which stamped later before we reach Tirumala. It facilitates quicker Dharshan.
    I am going by foot from Tirupati on 05 th of this Month. i hope and pray that Lord Srinivasa helps me.

    1. Hare Srinivasa,

      Sethuraman avre; Hope you climb was successful. Please let us know the details :)

      Jai Bharateesha !!!

  32. Hare Srinivasa Hrisikesh Avare,

    Your article on climbing Tirumala Hills for first timers is simply mind-blowing, fantastic and out-of-the world. Thanks for all the wonderful and useful information.

    Haraye Namaha

    Praveen P. Joshi

    1. Hare Srinivasa,

      Your words are very encouraging and warm. Thank you for your kind words; it all SriHari's grace.

      Naham Karta Hari Karta.

      Jai Bharateesha !!!

  33. Hi,

    Nice Information. Thanks.

    Plan to go Tirumala by walk in couple of days. I am from Bangalore.

    Just want to know, if we wear slippers, can we deposit slippers in TTD luggage counter.

    Did they bring my luggage to Tirumala.

    Please tell me this info.


    1. Hare Srinivasa,

      Perooru Subbanarasaiah avre; sorry could not respond earlier. FYI; if you pack your slippers as part of the luggage. It will be transported to Tirumala.

      Jai Bharateesha !!!

  34. while i am reading this post, i felt that i am climbing the hills got spiritual feeling. Thanks for this post. Keep it up. om namo venkatesaya.
    ..Yerram Raju, Visakhapatnam.

  35. I made 3 trips tirumala in the last year by way of road. I d'nt dare to climb hills by steps. Now I am 48 can give me reply
    Yerram Raju

  36. A very good guidelines indeed to climb the hills & reach the Lord.Thanks for posting the article.

  37. Recently I climbed Tirumala steps in 4.00 Hrs. It was a very great experience. I visited this post only today. I felt like I revisited Tirumala again as my memories were fresh they got more freshness by vising your site. Thanks for the detailed information.

  38. It's difficult to find educated people about this subject, but you seem like you know what you're talking about!

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  42. Wonderful post Sir. I & my family leaving for Tirupati tonight and are walking uphill to Tirumala. Your post has given me some insights. I appreciate the minute details covered. Keep up the good job! Thank you.


    K. Suresh

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  44. Hi hrishikesh,

    very nice post, i am planning to next month jan 2014 on 3rd

  45. Namaste,
    Very good introduction to a first-time climber. With due respect, it is 'naham karta, HARIHI karta', as far as my limited knowledge goes. Keep up the good work. God bless you!

    Just Another Devotee :)

  46. Amazing info thank u

    - Nischay

  47. The writer has indeed taken a lot of pains to give a lot of information to first time climbers of the sacred Tirumala hills. The sanctity of undertaking the sadhana in the right way has been very clearly given. It is indeed God's grace.
    Thank you sir for your sincere effort.

  48. if you cannot climb the hills of tirumala what alternative or pariharam can be done ans at

  49. My self vivek raj( ) from bihar my life get successful when I see the GOD then my life change
    yes I feel very exitment when I walk on the steps feel proude so u also go to darshan

  50. God is everywhere but there is station where god live agar aap ne chaha to bhagwan k darshan ho jayenge but dont think like that ki jab god bulayenge to jayenge please go there GOVINDA GOVINDA GOOOVINDA.

  51. Thanks sir for ur useful tips .

  52. the ttd authorities replaced the system of quick darshan [Rs.300/=] by enabling the devotees to book on line by furnishing their residence proof/photo id and after making online payment, for which official receipt with photo will be sent to the mail id. thereafter one has to submit the same along with original at the entrance near Vaikundam Q complex. Devotees can choose the date/time 14 days in advance. one day in advance is also enabled in the official web site for booking darshan.

  53. Sir,

    In August 2009, one lazy Saturday afternoon I was taking rest after the Lunch. Suddenly at around 4 PM i had an urge to visit Tirupathi and seek divine blessings. Me and cousin were planning to visit LORD BALAJI for long, but on a condition that any time it should be on foot.

    Then I called my cousin to get ready and he told that in 30 mins he would be ready. My wife started pleading that she will also come.. I vehemently refused since she has acute breathing problems. But she persisted and finally won. Then for her safety I invited my sister also to join us and it is almost 5.30 PM. We packed hurriedly as the next train for Tirupathi leaves at 7.30 PM. ( From Salem, Sabari EXP). We bought unreserved tickets and travelled in the general compartment and excitement was getting built as we neared Tirupathi. We reached Tirupathi at 12.30 AM and immediately travelled to Alipiri. Exactly at 1.00 AM we started climbing the scared steps. Even at that hour we could see a lot of people along with kids are climbing. The climbing experience ( this is my first time) was as nearly as you described Sir. During the last leg we literally put a lot of weight on the divider poles in the middle and pull ourselves up.

    And I am planning another Trip this month 22nd. This time I plan to climb during the Day time.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. if you want to walk all the way to Thirumala by foot path, near Alipiri Office of TTD deposit your belongings duly locked and get token for the same. Start walking after workshiping the Light/camphor. The hurdle of stepping the initial 1750/2000 (upto Kaali Gopuram) could be over come if your repeat the holy Mantra "Om Namo Venkatesa" or Edukondalavada Venkataramana Govinda" in each step, definetlu one can get sufficient strength to lift the body easily. Repeat the Holy mantra till you reach KaaliGopuram. Subsequently you will start repeating the Mantra throughout the foot path till you reach Tirumala. Dont fill the stomach by eatable items other than water/water + glucovita. In other words, your stomach should be neither emptly nor loaded. For easy digestion and quick movement of the body try to avoid to the maximum in stuffing the stomach. You can easily reach Tirumala within 3 1/2 hours or at the most 4 hours. Sooner you reaches the abode, your luggage will be waiting for your arrival as the same is taken care of TTD who lift the pilgrims' belongings such as suit=case, travel bags freely. OM NAMO VENKATESA
    There is no other holy place in this universe that could be placed on par with Venkatadri. No other god, either in the past or in the future, can be equated with Lord Venkateswara. Just by thinking of the Lord, you are redeemed fromyour sins. By praising the Lord, your desires are fulfilled. A glimpse of the Lord alone gives you salvation. A footstep on the hill that redeems you from sinful life is none other than Venkatadri…
    A footstep on the hill that fulfills your wishes in Venkatadri…
    A footstep on the hill that bestows on you the fruits of ‘thousand Aswamedha yagas’ is Venkatadri…
    A foot step on the hill that gifts you the dividend of feeding the hunger of ten million people is Venkatadri…

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  71. Devotees please use Alipiri foot path as far as possible and chant om namo venkatesa as many times as you like. try to observe silence and throughout the trekking chant the holy mantra. never over strain. enjoy the session grated by Lord Balaji to enter his abode Tirumala. Oum Namo Venkatesa.