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ParaMatha Kandana – II

Jai LakshmiNarasimha,
We have seen last post how Dvaita is different than the other mathas.
In principle Dvaita is the main truth. All other mathas are derivatives of these; a-dvaita ( not dvaita ) vishista a-dvaita (special case of not dvaita), etc.
Some people feel that Dvaita was formulated to counter advaita. While it is true that Acharya has countered advaita specifically, Tattvavada disproves all theories that question scriptures(Baudha), question God (Charvaka or Tarka) or claim that we will transform into God in any state ( advaita, vishishta advaita)
advaita is the work of demons, let us take historical examples.
i)hiranyakashipu claimed himself to be God and demanded that tributes be paid to him instead
ii)paundarika vasudeva considered himself to be krishna
iii)many people thought of Sri Krishna as human being
iv) kalyavana thought Muchukunda was Sri Krishna.
Let us take each case
i) hiranyakashipu claimed himself to be GOD
According to advaita, he should have realized GOD with such a chintane why such a terrible fate.
On the other hand, Bhakta Prahlada was the emodiment of Dasoham attitude, what did he achieve?
One blog I saw, gave an explaination that hiranyakashipu’s chintane was correct but he was not humble, hence he was killed. Prahalad on the other hand was humble hence he was saved.
This utterly absurd logic, ahankara is claiming to be someone greater than who you are. According to advaita if everyone is GOD; then where is the question of ahankara. Conversely what is humility, claiming yourself to lesser than your true capability.
If everything is brahma then what is the use of these two things and why should we even bow to Guru. Bowing to Guru will be like bowing to ourselves. SriMadacharaya raises this objection on the first day, his guru teaches the first shloka of advaita.
See how dangerous this line of thought is, and where it reaches. In fact it reaches to a point that God is just by chance God.
How can anyone even compare Tattvavada to a philosophy like this ? In fact SriMadAcharya proves that it is not a philosophy at all.
Result of Eeshoham chintane.
ii) paundarika vasudeva was an ally of jarasandha, he was defeated by Sri Krishna in the battle for Sri Rukumani Devi. he felt very disappointed; his subjects to cheer him up praised him to Sri Krishna and Vishnu incarnate. he himself started believing it and challanged Sri Krishna to handover his discus and mace over. Sri Krishna went to war with him, on arriving Sri Krishna found paundarika vasudeva dressed exactly like Sri Krishna.
Sri Krishna cuts his head off.
Result of Eeshoham chintane
iii) the kauravas always considered Sri Krishna as a magician and refused to believe he was GOD.
Result of Not beliving Sri Hari is sarvothamma; kula naasha.
iv) kalayavana chases Sri Krishna into a cave, every time Sri Krishna seems to be in his grasp but Sri Krishna escapes into the cave. he mistakes sleeping Muchakunda to be Sri Krishna and kicks him, he opens his eyes and instantly reduces kalayvana to ashes.
Result of thinking a jeeva as Sri Hari (beware baba believers)
In each case we see bheda gynana being propounded.
Bheda Gynana is of five types.
Jiva-Eshwara Bheda ( Jeevas are not GOD)
Jiva-Jiva Bheda ( all Jeeva are not equal ) – Taratamya Gynana
Jiva-Jada Bheda ( Jeevas and non living things are not equal) –
Jada-Eshwara Bheda ( God are Non living things are not equal ) – GOD is in idol; idol itself is not GOD.
and Jada-Jada Bheda ( All Non living things are not equal ) – Saligrama is different from other types of stone, etc.
This whole world is called pra-pancha because of the five fold bheda.
Bheda Gynana is Gynana. Think about it, the ability to differentiate is Gynana. Let’s take music, can people say all music is one, the ability distinguish between ragas, each note, each swara, tala is called gynana. The more you are able to distinguish and discriminate the more gynana a person has.
Many people claiming to be atheists have converted to Tattvavada after listening to it. The reason I’m telling this is that philosophies like advaita, create a horrible image of God and people prefer to be atheists than to follow advaita.

Any mistakes are solely mine.

Jai Bharateesha,

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