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Koravanji roopa of Sri Hari ( Sri Hari as an astrologer )

Koravanji Roopa of Sri Hari
Srinivasa Kalyana ( Venkatesha Parijata in Kannada ) VIth chapter has a special roopa of Sri Hari exclusive for women. Just like Sri Krishna gives gyana to Sri Arjuna and set his heart at ease in Bhagavad Gita. Sri Venkatesha does the same to all the women folk in Sri Padmavati's palace. Sri Venkatesha comes in a stree roopa and lays to rest all their doubts, especially relating to matters of the heart. This "stree roopa" to help the mother in the matters relating to the marriage of her daughter and for girls in relating to matters of the heart.
Sri Hari keeps providing assurance, guidance and keeps filling her with hope in the manner only he("stree roopa" ) can. This is the best example of "Girl Talk" :)

Sri Anantradeesha Dasaru has written it beautifully in Kannada, I pray to Sri Hari-Vayu, Sri Vyasarayaru, Sri Purundara Dasaru, Sri Vijaya Dasaru, Sri Mohan Dasaru and Sri Anantradeesha Dasaru to give me the strength to do justice to this.

Sri Venkatesha decides to take a Stree Roopa in order to get his work done; because two people trying to accomplish the same work is better than one. If a person needs his work done; then he has to contribute some effort to it and not just depend on others. ( Sri Hari does this as a loka shikshana; because Sri Hari can achieve anything by iccha matra ). Sri Hari also shows that if you follow his instructions; he would already have done most of your work, all you have to do is effort and SriKrishnarpanamastu . Sri Hari decides to take a Stree Roopa of a Koravanji or Tribal Fortune Teller. Sri Hari himself ( or rather herself ) as an astrologer; can it get any better?

Description of the "Stree Roopa"

Sri Venkatesha takes the roopa of middle aged and matured woman; SHE had a beautiful smile and no teeth within; HER age seemed to be 50+. SHE had long drooping ears, Lamba kuchagalu and a pot belly. She wore a long new saree and blouse, SHE tied her hair in a bundle knot; SHE made ChaturMukha Brahma as a seven months old child and lifted him with utmost ease; then SHE she made the whole Brahmanda along with it's 14 lokas as a basket and carried both easily. ( This shows that carriers both the creator and the entire creation effortlessly), SHE then filled the basket with the best grains of navadhanya. On her beautiful forehead; SHE applied Kasturi tilak. SHE then wore a necklace with a pendant. SHE wore a brilliant nosestud. SHE wore the sacred yellow thread (kankana)

SHE wore brilliant earrings; in  her beautiful ears. SHE then wore malas in the following order; shankamani mala, gulaganji mala, tulasimani mala, srigandha mala, karpurmani mala, spathika mala, kamalakshi mani mala, then a mala of different stones; then SHE tied her child to her saree; took her stick and left for Narayanapura.

On reaching Narayanapura

SHE left the hills and reached the gates of Narayanapura; her saree fluttering in the wind, SHE roamed about; started announcing her skills door to door. ( Again compare to Bhagavad Gita where Sri Krishna explains his powers; but this is totally female oriented ). HER voice was very soothing and satisfied their hearts.

"I'll explain your heart secrets; O ladies, I'll explain whatever are your desires and your troubles are. I will explain the past and present. I will predict correctly the future ( The ultimate astrologer :) ) I have predicted many things in the past; not one has been false; so please don't doubt my sayings !!! ( Satyavak in VSN)
I am expert in arts of Sama-Bheda. I know Samudrika shastra very well; I can prepare medicines for various illness. I know of the "love" fever which grasps young maidens; O young girls I can tell all this in advance especially for you. I can free one from ghosts and spirits trouble.  I can make dumb people speak; I can speak on Niti shastras; I am an expert in Astrology. O Ladies; if you are prepared to sit down and listen to me; I'm ready to tell all; I'll tell you all good fortune in a way that you will enjoy.  None of this is false; I swear on my baby. I can bring back confidence in anyone who has lost all hope. I am a famous Koravai the world over. I stay in the place of Nara-Narayana ( Badri ). "VaraAnanatadreeshina neravuLLa koravi".

The town people were mesmerized by the STREE roopa; hearing the words of the koravi; the town people immediately informed the queen about her arrival.

To be continued ....

Any mistakes are solely mine.

Jai Bharateesha,

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