Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sri VijayDasaru Katte at Chippagiri

Hi All,

My recent India trip included a trip to Mantralyam and Chippagiri. The snaps of Chippagiri are uploaded below.
Thanks to Sri Hari Vayu I had a fantastic welcome and very nice darshan at all places.

VIjayDasarau's brindavan is in Chippagiri,Kurnool District, AP.
How to Get There:

By Train:
Just 7 km from Guntakal Station (Major Junction); all auto drivers recognize this as VijayDasara katte also buses from Guntakal to adoni also stop at VijayDasara Katte as a request stop.

By Bus:
After the construction of the by pass roads, no bus goes directly goes to Chippagiri; the nearest major bus terminals are Alur ( 20 kms before Chippagiri) and Adoni (about 30 kms after Chippagiri). Taking local buses from these two places to Chippagiri is the last minute resort if you don't get tickets anywhere.

The local roads are in pretty bad shape; and local buses are full of framers transporting produce so plan in advance. Trains to Guntakal is still one of the best ways to reach Chippagiri

By Taxis:
Taxis can be arranged from Alur or Adoni. I've not tried this option personally; but I'm told it's feasible.

You can go to Mantralaya; book a cab from there. It takes a good 2 hours 1 way on bumpy roads so please plan accordingly.

Nearby places:
Bhogeshwara Rudra devaru temple in Chippagiri town. (Place where Sri VijayDasaru composed Kailasa Vasa Gaureesha eesha)

Casapura Anjaneya Temple (Vyasarayru prashitappane) is also quite popular.

Local buses to Adoni; all Mantralaya buses stop at Adoni

Navabrindavana is slightly nearer from Chippagiri
Jai Bharateesha,

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