Thursday, November 18, 2010

1000+ HITS !!!!

By the grace of Sri Purandara Dasaru and Sri VijayaDasaru ! This Blog has finally had 1000+ hits :)) The fact that this number has been reached on Sri VijayaDasaru's aradhane day is "sone pe suhaga" for me.

I named the blog srinivasa-kalyana because I wanted to blog the whole story in detail. I have been able to do the first chapter and the rest will follow; but Srinivasa Kalyana truly encompasses everything and that has been the spirit of the blog ! I wanted to present articles which explain concepts in ways people can grasp and understand. Direct real world examples I feel are powerful tools to understand religious concepts. Although they don't fit exactly but the message gets through.

Top Posts
Sri HariKathaAmruthSara is easily the top post more than double the second highest. I had been working on the approach and preparing for weeks before I posted that by the grace Sri Hari Vayu. So I'm really glad that it's a smashing success.
Srinivasa Kalayana comes in next; but once I add more chapters; I'm sure this will shoot through the roof.

Public Feature
The biggest public feature for this blog would be appearing on a flier for a Nyayaamirtam workshop ( the magnum opus work by Sri Vyasarayaru. ) which I discovered a few days ago. (At the very end)
 I'm thrilled to bits that I could be a small portion of such a Magnificent Project !!! Wishing them all the success. This is proof and validation of Sri Vyasaraya's grace on this blog !!!  To commemorate this I shall post an article on Nyayaamrita.

Readers are free to include this blog or the Vayu Stuti blog. In fact if you can let me know about the event, I'll try to add something more a whole new topic or a touch upon certain portions in detail to the best of my abilities and by the grace of Sri Hari Vayu of course.

Including my replies the blog boasts of 10 comments :) 1000 views / 10 comments literally means 1 in 100 views results in comments :) Please be a little more generous in your comments. It goes a looong way in encouraging , fresh breath of oxygen and new channels to learn, discuss for both parties. I myself used to browse a lot and not leave comments. But now I regularly comment on others blogs and sometimes this brings up new topics that both can learn.

Other Sites
I have setup a new blog for Sri Hari Vayu Stuti, sometimes I post articles in both just to reach a wider audience; but each one has their own unique character


People have asked me for my contact information. My personal mail id is
I'm currently in London, UK, so if anyone is interested in contacting me. You can give me a holler.

Jai Bharateesha,

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