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Jai VijayaRaya !
Jai Bedi Anjaneya !
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People in the debates, have often quoted this warrior had this boon, that boon and therefore he was invincible etc. I'll try to simply the concept of boons.

This is where the concept of Taratamya comes into play. A boon by a lesser deity can be overtaken by a higher deity. Sometimes they take over, sometimes they don't; depending on the situation.

Sri Hari - MahaLaxmi
Brahma - Saraswathi
Vayu Bharati Devi
+++ParaShukla Trayaru+++++

Now coming to the practical example, if a district court passes a judgement to imprison someone the police have to arrest. The law says so; officers are under law and have to according to it. But if High Court orders his release, inspite of District Court orders, High Court orders will be carried out. No one in the whole state can oppose the decision. But if SUpreme Court decides to dismiss case without any prejudice; then even High Court has to obey.

All orders, same person, different judgements which one is obeyed ?

Now coming back to the boons.

It's not enough if someone has a boon, it's also important to see who has given the boon. If a Police Commisioner wants to inspect a place, you cannot wave a inspectors no entry order. The Commisoner will just override the order.

Similarly crores of rakshasas had boons of immortality from Rudra Devaru, but when Vayu encounters them as Hanuman or Bheema he can overtake them thus proving his superirority over Rudra Devaru.

He overtakes even Brahma Devaru's vara of immortality to rakshasas; because he is the same kaksha [same department]

If this is the case for Vayu; then what needs to be said for the sarva-tantra-swatantra Sri Hari !!! It is a henious sin to think Sri Hari is affected by curses of Rishi's or anyone else.

Out of his mercy for his devotees, Sri Hari "acts" out the curses of his devotees with a much bigger agenda. Ex. Sri Hari enacted Brighu Maharishi's curse and today we a kshetra like Tirumala.

This should also clear up why smaller people should not curser bigger people. What will happen if a Thalisdar issues a transfer order of a District Commisioner ? He will get a dismiss letter back, which he will have to obey.

Just because they can override, does'nt mean the devatas will override every boon. They override whenever necessary; that does'nt mean that they can't everytime.  If they override every boon of lower devatas/rishi's, then people will not respect their sayings. So a balance is maintained and overriding is done whenever essential.

Mahabharata is full of clash of boons, whose boon prevails why? can be explained only through Taratamya and Sri Hari Sankalpa which gives a crystal clear explaination, gives true Gynana and removes all doubt.

The last concept is the scope of boons. Boons are like garuntees; for example, Prahalad's aunt gets a boon from Brahma to be fireproof. When enters the fire with Prahalad, Prahlad is saved, but she is burnt. Brahma Devaru explains that the vara was for her protection and not a destructive use.

Let's say you buy a watch which comes with a garuntee; if you take the watch out and throw the watch down in front of the store counter and demand a replacement because of the guarantee will you get it ? The guarantee is for regular wear and tear and in cases of accidents. Same for insurance claims; if it's delibrate they are void.

Boons are validate and upheld, only if they are inline with Sri Hari sankalpa.

Any Mistakes are solely mine.

Jai Bharateesha,

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